The mission of the F.U.N. Manifesto is to harness the transformative power of arts, culture, and spirituality to collaboratively shape a world where all living beings can thrive.  F.U.N. stands for FREE U NOW!

At the core of our philosophy lies the ancient wisdom, "It happens to you as you believe." The stories we weave about ourselves hold immense power, shaping every aspect of our lives and, consequently, the world around us. These beliefs influence our perception of what is possible, driving our actions and the realities we manifest. Let's rewrite our narratives together and pave the way for a more vibrant, abundant existence! #TheFUNManifesto #UnleashYourPotential #RewriteYourStory #BelieveAndThrive

Jennifer Johns is an internationally respected multi-disciplinary artist, and when it comes to creating sounds, experiences, and products, she knows how to stir your soul, ignite your mind, and make your body groove like never before!

As the mastermind behind The F.U.N. Manifesto, Jennifer is all about bringing people together because, deep down, we're each other's answered prayers! With this creative portal, she's on a mission to make sustainable living a breeze for everyone. From wealth disparities to food access and environmental issues, Jennifer believes in the power of small shifts in our cultural habits. Yes, even the ways we experience food, fashion, talk, and connect can create a profound impact on the entire globe!

Jennifer's mantra is clear – it takes all of us to give that one thing we have to change the world! And she knows that what we give is precisely what the world needs.