Damon Turner: MC/Singer, Cultural Architect and CEO of TRAP HEALS 

Damon Turner is not just a recording artist but a visionary cultural architect, entrepreneur, and advocate for economic equity.  His music seamlessly blends bass-heavy trap emceeing with soulful singing, delivering an unforgettable sonic experience. Yet, Damon's impact goes far beyond his musical talents.

Many may have witnessed Damon's work without knowing his name, as he played a pivotal role as the mastermind behind numerous cultural installations, events, and strategies for the Black Lives Matter Global Network.

His dedication to serving Black and historically oppressed communities led him to establish Trap Heals in 2018. TH is a creative agency committed to bringing inspiration, access, and economic equity to marginalized communities worldwide. Damon is often quoted as saying, "Trap Heals is a prayer". And indeed it is. Damon's agency is a beacon of hope, offering transformative opportunities and empowering individuals to thrive.

Learn more about Damon and his work in this interview:

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