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ūüĆćūüĆĪ Don't underestimate the power of your impact on global issues!¬† It's easy to think that our small contributions won't make a difference, but let us tell you, they absolutely do! By simply tweaking our daily habits, we have the power to shape culture and create a better world for all. From what we eat to what we wear, our choices have far-reaching implications on our health, the environment, job opportunities, and even international affairs. So let's step up and make a positive change together!¬†

ūüćīūüõćÔłŹ On this page, we've got your back! We're here to provide resources and a platform for you to contribute to a brighter future. Share your favorite farm-to-table restaurants and your go-to thrift stores, vintage shops, or sustainable designers! ūüĆŅ Let's support local, embrace sustainability, and have F.U.N. changing the world! Are you in? #BeTheChange #SustainableLiving #TheFunManifesto

Farm-to-Table & Sustainable Restaurants in LA

This list has been curated to prioritize POC-owned restaurants that source locally grown produce and/or utilize plant-based ingredients, minimizing environmental impacts. We’ve included options that cover a variety of price ranges to fit any budget. 



Post and Beam 
Homegirl Cafe
Sage Plant-Based Bistro 

Sustainable / Plant-based 


Stuff I Eat 
Babas Vegan 
Simply Wholesome 
Earles on Crenshaw 
Jackfruit Cafe

Sustainable fashion


LA VINTAGE MAP is a resource for all your vintage needs in the Southern California Area curated by a few veteran vintage shoppers, shop owners, and stylists of color!!  You can also download the app here

Below are some F.U.N. favorite thrift and vintage stores in the  Los Angeles Area: 

Bridge Thrift 

Crossroads Trading Co. 

Bearded beagle 

Buffalo Exchange 


The Council 

Space City Vintage 

Jet Rag