If you like food you are in the right place!  If you like discovering new markets, restaurants, and recipes, you are in the right place! If you like knowing that your food is being grown, prepared and served with value for humanity, you are in the right place!  If you want to vote for your life and the life of all living beings daily through the food you eat, you are in the right place! Welcome to the F.U.N. 


This April, the F.U.N. Manifesto is joining forces with Trap Heals for an inspiring journey, the FUN2HEAL tour, and one of our most exclusive stops is at the serene Roadway Farms. Though not all can join us at this private engagement, we're eager to bring a piece of Roadway's splendor directly to you.

Nestled in the picturesque Albert Falls area, just a stone's throw from Pietermaritzburg, Roadway Farms is a beacon of agricultural excellence and environmental stewardship. With a rich history spanning over 30 years, this small-scale vegetable farm is renowned for its commitment to quality and sustainability, providing an array of premium seasonal vegetables to markets, wholesalers, and retailers throughout KwaZulu Natal (KZN).

The farm stretches over 24 hectares, with around 20 hectares of fertile land dedicated to crop cultivation. Cradled by the Umgeni River, Roadway Farms is blessed with the essential water rights for irrigation, ensuring that life flourishes on its land.

But Roadway Farms envisions more than just traditional farming; it's on a transformative journey to become an agri-business of the future. By embracing regenerative agricultural principles, the farm aims to revitalize the land, support biodiversity, and promote a sustainable ecosystem that not only grows nutritious food but also heals the earth. This commitment to regeneration and environmental integrity is at the heart of their mission, fostering resilience against changing weather patterns and actively combating climate change by aiming to achieve a net positive carbon footprint.

As part of the FUN2HEAL tour, we are proud to highlight the innovative and life-affirming work being done at Roadway Farms. Stay tuned as we share the beauty and wisdom of this remarkable place with you."


Meet Chef Kristi Brown, the F.U.N. Favorite who has been delighting Seattleites with delicious and accessible food for almost three decades. With her culinary wizardry, she's on a mission to blend Seattle's diverse cultures into what she calls "Seattle Soul Food." By partnering with local farmers, she proves that supporting the local economy can be both mouthwatering and sustainable. As she likes to say, "Everybody's gotta eat," and she uses food as a magical way to bring people together.


Chef Kristi is all about uplifting the Central District of Seattle, once predominantly Black. By planting her restaurant and catering company in this vibrant neighborhood, she's bringing back not just Black folks, but also their stories and love. Unfortunately, the grand opening of her restaurant, Communion, was postponed due to the pesky COVID pandemic. But Chef Kristi didn't let that dampen her spirit. Instead, she selflessly cooked meals for those in need, rallying chefs from all walks of life to join her mission of feeding the community.


Chef Kristi has had quite the journey in the culinary world, starting from humble beginnings as a dishwasher/prep cook and eventually becoming a catering queen with That Brown Girl Catering (TBGC!) in 1996. TBGC! quickly gained a reputation for bold flavors and top-notch service, fostering a culture of healthy eating without compromising on spice and vivacity. After a decade, Chef Kristi's culinary aspirations took her down new paths, leading to the evolution of TBGC! into That Brown Girl Cooks! (TBGC!), a marvelous fusion of food, culture, and community.


Adding to her ever-growing legacy, Chef Kristi proudly opened COMMUNION Restaurant & Bar in December 2020, creating quite a stir. It quickly earned its place among the "12 Best New Restaurants in the World" according to CONDE NASTE and was hailed as one of the most exciting places in America by The New York Times. Not to mention, Seattle Met named it Restaurant of the Year, while Seattle Eater listed it as one of the city's best newcomers. As a cherry on top, Chef Kristi herself was recognized as one of Seattle Magazine's most influential people of 2021. With her culinary prowess and infectious energy, Chef Kristi Brown continues to sprinkle joy and flavor throughout the Seattle food scene.


Breanna is co-founder of Fractal Strategies, a woman and BIPOC-led social impact organization that works with organizations and institutions to cultivate transformative shifts toward equity and justice. Breanna Hawkins is an experienced social justice and policy professional with a deep commitment to advancing solutions that foster racial equity, community power, and healthy neighborhoods. 


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